Who is raising who

How to become a world class parent!

About us

What do we want to achieve?

Imagine being a child and you are surrounded by parents who also enjoy the same environment.
The idea is as simple as it is genious.

We want to:

  • Help our children remember what they learn.
  • We want to secure how we can become the best rolemodels for our children.
  • To show how it all can be done with greater joy.

Having children is one thing, being a parent is something completely different. We KNOW there are all kinds of parenting styles, this is nothing new. We also know it is easy to become a worldclass parent. You need support and a little help to find a parenting style that fits you,  to learn how to learn from your misstakes. And the most important thing of all, how you intend to do next time…

Research tells us (something pedagouges has known for ages, still is nice to get it in print):
By stimulating as many different senses as possible will accelerate our possibilities in remembering more.
Within Natural Science they can now tells us why it is important to create things, to play and have room for creative inventions. (Matti Bergström, brain scientist, University of  Helsingfors).

What do we do?

  • We create relaxation stories
  • We create massage stories
  • We create activity stories
  • We create courses and seminars full of fun and creation
  • We develop games
  • Arrange seminars to let our creativity come forth…and much much more…