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by Patric Brask

If they sit in a wheelchair, are they welcome here?

During an evening with my little scouts, I put the question to find out what they think and how they think.

The evening’s theme was “dare to take a stand,” Autumn consistent theme has been “dare …”. It’s been really fun to see how they have evolved during the fall.

Before the evening I had written down 14 pieces of statements that we would discuss and form opinions about. I had been careful to make a slight increase in severity, until a few easy for them to understand the principle itself. To then move on to more challenging claims.
Would say that my preparation was very well planned and prepared.
I even had teams down papers in a plastic sleeve to protect them from the snow … well if you’re wondering, we all have meetings outdoors. My starting point is that we will be outdoors.

Well-prepared these papers, I left home: (

So when I came to the scout hut was to get down to the evening.
I lit the lamp and picked up the flag and so on.
My scouts showed up one by one, most people were well dressed, but some were just regular pants and it was -2.
I realized that we had put a lot of movement in this for everyone to stay warm.

Before we started it was time to choose new patrol leader, unveiled the “old” and welcome the “new”.
Their first task was to put out their lights in a square.
It went well.
I told the lamp representerarde yes, no, do not know or other / own proposal.

Then I started with my questions, I had a help leaders whom I asked to think out some good statements while I talked. He was a little shiny eyes, and “disappeared” for a while. I thought that this may be I’ll fix itself.

It is relatively easy since I already had written down some questions, it was just to remember them …

After a while both I and the scouts know what’s required and then I found a new issue that I have never written down.
I asked, “Imagine that we must go to our scout hut (in the middle of the forest) and then we issue a new scout who wants to come along. This scout is sitting in a wheelchair, we will let the scout go with you?”

The most interesting was when I asked those who responded “no”, they replied, “it might be muddy and far too difficult to drive there” and “it’s probably too difficult to drive over all the roots.”

I was pleasantly surprised, I was to not put any values ​​in what they thought, because they would feel exactly as they wanted.
This time, I was impressed.
These small scouts took responsibility for how it would feel for a new Scout in a new place.

No one said “no” to scout sat in a wheelchair.

It is this kind of thing that makes me really warm your heart.

Hope you meet some wonderful scouts today.

/ Patric

by Patric Brask

It really bothers me the school is not giving me child a day off to sell

I and the school thinks different. Partly because the school really takes itsel very seriously and also because school is a very “sheltered workshop “.
Many classes are now selling different things to raise money for a class trip or similar.
It takes a lot of work to make this happen. I thought that it was incredibly difficult to sell all these different things when I was a little child.
Even when I lived in the U.S. and was asked to sell, although the culture of the United States is more sales-oriented and thus more common than here in Sweden.

Now for the part that bothers me.

The school asks that students should learn, but only what the school thinks is important. And what is “important” is everything that happens within school walls.

Within these walls there is no one who learns how to sell.

It is outside the school walls you learn to sell.

Now one of things that I’m involved in, is a network where about 70-80 people meet every Friday to promote sales.
I brought my daughter to a meeting during the autumn break. There, she had to ,like any other, present her product, her class sells hand-dipped candles. She received orders for nearly 90 packages.
When she then presented the product to family, she had orders for a total of 100 packets.
Her class sold a total of 369 packets. So, my daughter has sold 27% of class total amount of packages.
This is a great result.

Now my son’s class decided to sell savory sausages to raise money for their class trip.
I prayed that he would get time off to accompany me to the same type of meeting. But I got a NO.

School can not grant time off for this kind of activity.
OK, but the students still must sell, as long as it does not take any time from school.

I’m a teacher and would have granted time off while I would give a lot of good tips on how the student could improve their chances.
The student would come back and tell me so many insights into what students have learned, that I as a teacher would never be able to communicate in the same way.
Whether the student succeed in selling a lot or just a bit, is irrelvant.
That experience is worth more than the “lost time” that the student misses from school.

It may be that I would receive a reprimand from my principal, and I can take, because I can explain how I can use it in me class and teaching.

My students would have a chance to learn more of how life works out of school, while they are in school.

Though it’s just my opinion.

/ Patric

Ps my son sells salami sausages to order

by Patric Brask

Its hard to tell how a child is feeling inside

There is no given set of rules one can use to see how a child feels inside. And yet we can learn to become more sensitive by taking time to listen and carefully paying attention to how they behave and talk.

When there is a cut and you can see blood, it is easy to understand a child is hurt.
A cut inside is harder to unveil and help to heal.

When a child is starting to tell they are not feeling ok, I put in my mind a picture of how they feel completely safe and how they can talk to me and feel they will get the support they need.
I do this because I have learned children are very sensitive to energies.

They do not always know or understand things, they react to how they feel. Or in other words, they react to the energies going around in their surroundings.

And this knowledge of they react to energies is a great clue to how I can help them understand their inner life.
And the greater contact they can create with their inner life, the easier they can explain what is going on.

There is a saying that goes “its the small talk that makes things happen” and I like to add “…and what image you are using in your mind” that creates wonderful results.

Being aware of what kind of picture you have in your mind will make your conversation with children a lot easier, and soon enough you will find yourself being great at listening to children.
This is great when discovering the level of seriousness the child is expressing.

Because we will learn sometimes children talking about other things that was is really troubling them. And this is when your knowledge of images comes in hand.

Just by having an image in your mind, where they can feel relaxed and safe. Will help you cut thru faster and get closer to what is going on inside.
A great tip is, when you get a hunch of something to ask, go for the hunch and ask.

You may be surpriced on how  well you interpret the childs inner life.

Go ahead and consiously create an image of safeness when talking to children.

Have a great moment of imaging.


by Patric Brask

To compare is the death of joy

Have you ever caught yourself comparing yourself with someone else?

Maybe they have more than you … more education, more money – more of something you have not.
Have you ever noticed how that comparison makes you feel?
Or, have you ever compared yourself to someone who has less than you and notice how that feels?

In both cases, it has created a sensation in your body and both of these forms are comparable. The feelings of belonging are indeed valid for our well being.
In the first case, we are creating a sensation in the body that are highly unpleasant, some of the discomfort is composed by the body to create an acid that attacks the tissues in the body. And the same acid takes energy from your body to protect itself from the same “attack”.

There is a short insightful line from ancient philosophy that says “To compare is the dead to joy”.
And I am convinced that when we compare ourselves to someone or something, we believe, that is better than us, that is when our body creates the acid attack.

However if we compare ourselves with how we were yesterday, with the way we are today.We can we see that we are better today than yesterday.
We are wiser, more insightful (just reading this blog makes you more insightful), have more patience, more understanding of others, whether we are sick or not.

It’s easy to help the body create feelings that causes the body to feel good.
One of the easiest is to compare yourself with yourself from yesterday, and you are one step on the way to feel much better.

Although the body is a very complex device, it works really easily. Either its “happy or sad.”

Let us now seek to find ways to compare ourselves with ourselves from yesterday, where we can really see that we are better. We just strive to be better today than yesterday, and many things will happen by itself.

Make today your best personal day.

/ Patric

ps stand in front of the mirror and say “Hey beautiful!” and feel how it feels. Does it feel good, say it again. 🙂

by Patric Brask

I think the age limit set on Twilight saga is correct!

Watching a debate (a replay) where it was debated whether the 15-year limit is good or not, regarding the latest Twilight movie.
There were many comments that it was wrong with such a high age rating and that it should be lowered.