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Its really pouring down, its perfect.


Does the earth turn.

Going to work on my bike and it starts to rain, stop and put on my new waterproof trousers from Fjallraven (I’m so pleased with them).

Coming to work and is ready to receive all of my students. Some are early and sit inside and play.
The students I meet in the door, I ask, of course, to put on rain gear directly, and they try (as students do) not have to put on raingear to go out, by claiming “but why are the OTHERS inside?

With a large portion of patience I reply, “because I have just arrived and they will soon learn that I am here and that we are on the way out.”

Then we are all on the way out, to my great delight.

Always exciting to see how many students who have real rain gear, even though it is an “In & Out Burst ‘school (I Ur och Skur in Swedish), where we are as a rule outside as part of our pedagogy, there are some who lack proper clothing.
It was a perfect opportunity to see and let children try their rainwear, namely, we will camp next week and then I want ALL students have proper clothing.

Bad clothes = bad experiences.

As before, it is the dressing that students find difficult, once they are put on and come out, it’s fun again.

There are parents who find it hard to get wet, children usually have no problem with wet himself.
It’s just fun to play with the water.

First break

I am impressed by my students, at the first break all saw that there is still pouring down rain and there was no doubt about to dodge rain gear.
It took less than 10 minutes for 35 students to put on and get out.

Must be a world record.

Then we enjoyed all of the rain. I got more to do when we all went in, to hang in the dryer and remind them to take off his boots on the “black carpet” and so on. But it’s worth it, new routines are soon as they should.

So be sure children have proper clothing, then their outdoorlife will be more fun for them and for you.

See you in the rain.

/ Patric

Author: Patric Brask

Patric är en stolt pappa till två underbara barn och har arbetat med barn och ungdomar i över 25 år. I sin debutbok har Patric samlat upp mycket av den erfarenhet och pedagogik som har har lärt sig och använd under alla år han har arbetat med och uppfostrat barn. Som läsare får du en inblick i Patrics värld och den vardag han lever i och med barnen. Han ger dig tillgång till den pedagogik han själv har byggt upp och använder med framgång i sitt arbete. Boken är skriven på ett målande och levande sätt med inspirerande och konkreta exempel. Genom boken får du som förälder pedagogiska, enkla och fungerande råd och tips om hur du kan behålla ditt lugn och få dina barn att lyssna på dig. Patric håller också kurser om föräldraskap och barnuppfostran.

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