Who is raising who

How to become a world class parent!


Patric Brask – Who Is Raising Who?

Vem uppfostrar vemWho Is Raising Who – How to become a WORLCLASS parent!
A highly inspiring bok, now workbook included.
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A walk in the forest – CD
An activity story
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Released in September 2011
Henrys garden – CD
A relaxation story
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Released in September 2011
Malte is taking a walk – CD
A massage saga
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Released in September 2011

Information about the products

  • Note, all CDs will soon be available in DVD format. So you can see how many of the different moves is made. For example, how to move to the activity-story.
  • A walk in the forest
    A lovely, action packed story you can use practically everywhere. It is easy to follow all the different moves, and children loves to move along with the story and its upbeat, catchy music.
  • Henrys garden.
    In this story the children get to learn how to relax for a while. In todays society, where to tempo is rather high, it becomes more and more important to learn how to relax. The inner harmony the children recieves via the story, lingers for quite some time after they have listened to the story.
  • Massage ant Marvin
    Chilren are born natural massage experts, it comes natural to them. To have a moment with your child and take the time to do some massage is a perfect way to deepen your bond. The story gives you simple instructions along with a story to help remember in what order to massage. It gives both of you a fantastic result.