Who is raising who

How to become a world class parent!


Duration six hours. Devided in two segment, so parents will have time to try their new knowledge and skills. Experience has shown, parents come back with a much deeper insight in the kind of questions they have, if given the chance to try all the information.

Participants will be given homework between the two segments, in order to deepen their knowledge. Participants may send questions during and after the course, related to the course material.

Web-parenting course.
Duration 26 weeks. You recieve one mail per week with assignments and a file where Patric is talking about the days topic.
During the duration of the course you will have access to all lessons, as much as you want.
At end of e-mails you may get homework to do until next lesson.

You will be able to send e-mails with your qestions (or break thru´s) during the course, in order to receive the most support and understanding of how to create the relationship you want.

Parenting course and Web-pareting course include a “Course-pack”

The course-pack includes:

  • The Book “Who Is Raising Who (workbook included) value $39
  • CD “A walk in the forest” value $19
  • CD “Henrys Garden” value $19
  • CD “Massage ant Marvin” $19
  • Household game value $47
  • E-mail interaction (1år) value $400
  • Webinars (1 år) value $500
  • 2 individual telephonecalls value $300

A total value of:

$1 343