Real fire

We had our last meeting with our scouts. It was pitch black and everyone was dressed to be outdoors, they have learned that this is indeed how we do this.

We quickly gathered the youngest who have never been on event like this before, and they must have their own torch. It’s the big thing with the scout finishing, everyone gets a torch, which burns for real.
It is always great for a child (and big kids of about 41 years …) to get their own torch, especially when it’s the first time.

Safety rules are important, even more now that there are so many that have their down jackets on. Or even worse, fleece jackets.

After the briefing we all went to opposite starting point, the idea is that all the groups come from different directions and meet at the same time at the scout hut.
I went with the youngest (cubscout) and we kept perfect time, we arrived just as we should.
And helped the older group (scouts) to know how they would go in the ring so that it was a great big ring with lots of torches.
Those who were last, the oldest group (explorers/network). I wonder if I could use the excuse that they are teenagers or that it was simply poor planning by their leaders…
I am satisfied with saying that they were in place at the right time.

To top the evening, all threw down their torches in a barrel, which lit a spectacular sight when the fire was going properly.
When our President Benny had held his annual speech, it was buns, gingerbread and lemonade for all. I was happy and enjoyed the full features of having been a part of this scoutcorps and rejoice with the younger Scouts.

It has been a wonderful scouting year.

See you soon all the scouts.

/ Patric

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