She decided to make lasagna.

In my quest to prepare my children for the future, I give them the opportunity to train in a relaxed setting, I have Aaricias lasagnaintroduced a lot of household chores they’re supposed to do. Of all they will need to know how to do when they move to their own home.

One of them is when they have reached the age of thirteen years, they are responsibility to cook a dinner once a week. They are free to choose what they want to cook, and what day they want to cook it on.
They need to make sure all ingredients are at home, I will help them buy any groceries, of course, if necessary.

I ask the question at the beginning of the week, so they have plenty of time to decide what day and what dish to make. Now it sounds like maybe I have several children, and I have. Although only one of them has the ”right” age. That’s my daughter.

This time she decided to cook lasagna on Sunday.
Lasagna is pretty tricky to do, it includes several elements. The best thing with cooking is, she is that she learns so much new things she could never guess. One of these lessons is that it takes time, lots of time and that it is necessary to start on time.
According to the recipe, it would take about 90 minutes, including 45 minutes in the oven.

It took 3 hours!

She was a little worried that I and her brother became a bit grouchy because it took so long. I assured her that everything is fine.
Because during the whole ”cooking” I am available, as support, as helper, as a person to ask for advice, as encouragement, as a control agent, as tasters (yummu) … in short I am there.
This is not a chore you casually hand over to a beginner, but must be gradual as everything else.

let me add…. the result was worth the wait.

I wish you good luck with your ”new” dinners.
/ Patric

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