Love is everywhere, you just need to HOW to look!

I often tell parents attending my classes that we create filter that we ”place” in front of our eyes, and it is through these filters that we see the world.

heart in tomato
heart in tomato

These filters affect the way we look at things, and it affects our next step.

My son does not like tomatoes, he puts them aside. He can eat tomatoes in pots or on pizza, and he’s surprisingly restrained with ketchup (!).

Now it got even funnier when he was turning and twisting in his tomato on plate, cut off some pieces and did his best to eat the tomato. Because his father has told him that it’s so good with vegetables.

Well, as  he’s sitting there carving, he starts laughing and says ”Look dad, a heart!”

He turns on the plate, so that I easily be able to see how he sees it.
Absolutely wonderful.

To me it becomes even more obvious how much love he sees in his life, my own heart got all warm and soft.
If he had had another motive here, he would easily be able to get through those proposals at any time … or almost anyway.

It was not easier to eat tomatoes, but it became clear much more fun. He also inspired us around the table to be thankful for having food on the table.
We need help to see through our filters and sometimes our children are superior to us, as they not have been trained as hard as we adults have, in using our filters.

Thank goodness.

Have a continued wonderful summer break.


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