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  • Its really pouring down, its perfect.

    Does the earth turn. Going to work on my bike and it starts to rain, stop and put on my new waterproof trousers from Fjallraven (I’m so pleased with them). Coming to work and is ready to receive all of my students. Some are early and sit inside and play. The students I meet in […]

  • Love is everywhere, you just need to HOW to look!

    I often tell parents attending my classes that we create filter that we ”place” in front of our eyes, and it is through these filters that we see the world. These filters affect the way we look at things, and it affects our next step. My son does not like tomatoes, he puts them aside. […]

  • An anusual way to organize DVDs

    How to organize ones DVDs are different. I work extra on accommodation for people with Aspberger. It is work which in many cases provide insight into how different thinking we have and what is interesting for every individual. Most recently when I was there, I was asked how one can organize DVD movies on a […]

  • 8000 murder before age 13

    Summer is here and with that comes a lot of children being alone while parents work. It is part of our everyday life and as it looks now. Came across a number that made me puzzled, an average 13-year-old has seen about 8,000 murders in his/hers lifetime. At first I thought it was a mistake, […]

  • Hi Patric… …I hate you!

    This was one of those times when I reacted differently from the other adults in the room who heard the same thing. This little boy is always happy to see me, happy and cheer every time. Then he asks when I will come and work in his class again. New school When I replied that […]

  • If they sit in a wheelchair, are they welcome here?

    During an evening with my little scouts, I put the question to find out what they think and how they think. The evening’s theme was ”dare to take a stand,” Autumn consistent theme has been ”dare …”. It’s been really fun to see how they have evolved during the fall. Before the evening I had […]

  • It really bothers me the school is not giving me child a day off to sell

    I and the school thinks different. Partly because the school really takes itsel very seriously and also because school is a very ”sheltered workshop ”. Many classes are now selling different things to raise money for a class trip or similar. It takes a lot of work to make this happen. I thought that it […]

  • Its hard to tell how a child is feeling inside

    There is no given set of rules one can use to see how a child feels inside. And yet we can learn to become more sensitive by taking time to listen and carefully paying attention to how they behave and talk. When there is a cut and you can see blood, it is easy to […]

  • To compare is the death of joy

    Have you ever caught yourself comparing yourself with someone else? Maybe they have more than you … more education, more money – more of something you have not. Have you ever noticed how that comparison makes you feel? Or, have you ever compared yourself to someone who has less than you and notice how that […]

  • I think the age limit set on Twilight saga is correct!

    Watching a debate (a replay) where it was debated whether the 15-year limit is good or not, regarding the latest Twilight movie. There were many comments that it was wrong with such a high age rating and that it should be lowered. I agree completely with the current age limit. Regardless of the fact that […]