It really bothers me the school is not giving me child a day off to sell

I and the school thinks different. Partly because the school really takes itsel very seriously and also because school is a very ”sheltered workshop ”.
Many classes are now selling different things to raise money for a class trip or similar.
It takes a lot of work to make this happen. I thought that it was incredibly difficult to sell all these different things when I was a little child.
Even when I lived in the U.S. and was asked to sell, although the culture of the United States is more sales-oriented and thus more common than here in Sweden.

Now for the part that bothers me.

The school asks that students should learn, but only what the school thinks is important. And what is ”important” is everything that happens within school walls.

Within these walls there is no one who learns how to sell.

It is outside the school walls you learn to sell.

Now one of things that I’m involved in, is a network where about 70-80 people meet every Friday to promote sales.
I brought my daughter to a meeting during the autumn break. There, she had to ,like any other, present her product, her class sells hand-dipped candles. She received orders for nearly 90 packages.
When she then presented the product to family, she had orders for a total of 100 packets.
Her class sold a total of 369 packets. So, my daughter has sold 27% of class total amount of packages.
This is a great result.

Now my son’s class decided to sell savory sausages to raise money for their class trip.
I prayed that he would get time off to accompany me to the same type of meeting. But I got a NO.

School can not grant time off for this kind of activity.
OK, but the students still must sell, as long as it does not take any time from school.

I’m a teacher and would have granted time off while I would give a lot of good tips on how the student could improve their chances.
The student would come back and tell me so many insights into what students have learned, that I as a teacher would never be able to communicate in the same way.
Whether the student succeed in selling a lot or just a bit, is irrelvant.
That experience is worth more than the ”lost time” that the student misses from school.

It may be that I would receive a reprimand from my principal, and I can take, because I can explain how I can use it in me class and teaching.

My students would have a chance to learn more of how life works out of school, while they are in school.

Though it’s just my opinion.

/ Patric

Ps my son sells salami sausages to order

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