To compare is the death of joy

Have you ever caught yourself comparing yourself with someone else?

Maybe they have more than you … more education, more money – more of something you have not.
Have you ever noticed how that comparison makes you feel?
Or, have you ever compared yourself to someone who has less than you and notice how that feels?

In both cases, it has created a sensation in your body and both of these forms are comparable. The feelings of belonging are indeed valid for our well being.
In the first case, we are creating a sensation in the body that are highly unpleasant, some of the discomfort is composed by the body to create an acid that attacks the tissues in the body. And the same acid takes energy from your body to protect itself from the same ”attack”.

There is a short insightful line from ancient philosophy that says ”To compare is the dead to joy”.
And I am convinced that when we compare ourselves to someone or something, we believe, that is better than us, that is when our body creates the acid attack.

However if we compare ourselves with how we were yesterday, with the way we are today.We can we see that we are better today than yesterday.
We are wiser, more insightful (just reading this blog makes you more insightful), have more patience, more understanding of others, whether we are sick or not.

It’s easy to help the body create feelings that causes the body to feel good.
One of the easiest is to compare yourself with yourself from yesterday, and you are one step on the way to feel much better.

Although the body is a very complex device, it works really easily. Either its ”happy or sad.”

Let us now seek to find ways to compare ourselves with ourselves from yesterday, where we can really see that we are better. We just strive to be better today than yesterday, and many things will happen by itself.

Make today your best personal day.

/ Patric

ps stand in front of the mirror and say ”Hey beautiful!” and feel how it feels. Does it feel good, say it again. 🙂

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