An anusual way to organize DVDs

How to organize ones DVDs are different.

DVDS standing on a shelf
DVD-skivor i hylla

I work extra on accommodation for people with Aspberger. It is work which in many cases provide insight into how different thinking we have and what is interesting for every individual.

Most recently when I was there, I was asked how one can organize DVD movies on a shelf. I immediately started thinking of several wasy to how you can organize your movies. And I must admit that many of them were of the classic kind. Ie arrange the titles in alphabetical order, or after the actor involved in the movies.
But before I gave my suggestions, I asked how they were arranged now, because I could see that there was an order. For example I could see all James Bond 007 movies where standing next to each other.

He replied ”On the simplest way, they are arranged according to who published them”.

That answer was a lot better thanany of my suggestions. He knows who published the movies and he is surtain of this. I think his way was so much better than anyone of my ideas.
After this encounter I have received several suggestions on how people organize their movies, including those from children who have the most original ideas and shows how we seek to find ways to arrange things.

One suggestion is by color, you look at the colors on the spine of the DVDs and make DVDs with similar colors stand next to each other, or organize your own categories as ”scary, not scary, funny, comic, funny comics, bad comics and so on.”

If you are looking closely at the picture you can see that I have no order at all on my DVDs, but I just set them on the shelf. It may be because I rarely watch movies. I guess my kids have a better idea of all the movies than I have.

Have a lovely day and good luck with the organization. 🙂

/ Patric

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