Its hard to tell how a child is feeling inside

There is no given set of rules one can use to see how a child feels inside. And yet we can learn to become more sensitive by taking time to listen and carefully paying attention to how they behave and talk.

When there is a cut and you can see blood, it is easy to understand a child is hurt.
A cut inside is harder to unveil and help to heal.

When a child is starting to tell they are not feeling ok, I put in my mind a picture of how they feel completely safe and how they can talk to me and feel they will get the support they need.
I do this because I have learned children are very sensitive to energies.

They do not always know or understand things, they react to how they feel. Or in other words, they react to the energies going around in their surroundings.

And this knowledge of they react to energies is a great clue to how I can help them understand their inner life.
And the greater contact they can create with their inner life, the easier they can explain what is going on.

There is a saying that goes ”its the small talk that makes things happen” and I like to add ”…and what image you are using in your mind” that creates wonderful results.

Being aware of what kind of picture you have in your mind will make your conversation with children a lot easier, and soon enough you will find yourself being great at listening to children.
This is great when discovering the level of seriousness the child is expressing.

Because we will learn sometimes children talking about other things that was is really troubling them. And this is when your knowledge of images comes in hand.

Just by having an image in your mind, where they can feel relaxed and safe. Will help you cut thru faster and get closer to what is going on inside.
A great tip is, when you get a hunch of something to ask, go for the hunch and ask.

You may be surpriced on how  well you interpret the childs inner life.

Go ahead and consiously create an image of safeness when talking to children.

Have a great moment of imaging.


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