”Invisible support”

Sometimes I am asked ”How can I help you best when you talk to a student?”
My answer is that many times, you are a big help just by standing near or next to me , just by doing so you show the child you’ll support me.
It is a fairly simple operation, but of great importance.

During the week we often have meetings and discuss how we relate to our students (you can do the exact same thing in your family), so there will always be plenty of opportunities to talk about what just happened. Then both your knowledge and your understanding will deepen  of how helpful it actually is that you ”just stand there.”

Seen from my side,  it makes a great deal of my job easier, when I feel you are there. For the child it will be calmer as well, the child actually see that there are many adults who are there for support. It is not always the child sees it as a support at the particular time, especially if all adults have positioned themselves to block all opportunities to run away. To me, the aid is even greater, since I do not have to hold the child in order to make it stay, the child stays still.
Thus, there are several aspects of that ”you just stand there.”

The more times you would have the opportunity to stand in this way, the more you learn. And the more you learn, the more you will be able to help.
And the more you can understand, the greater your patience. Because patience is growing with knowledge and understanding.

Even if you feel it is intrusive or that there is something between me and the child. Stop for a bit and listen, then think ”Would it be helpful if I stay here and just stand here?”
If your stomach feeling says YES, then you stand.

Good luck with that ”just stand” today.

/ Patric

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