When everyone is down by a cold, we need to keep our mood up.

This week a a malignant form of bacteria has raged among my students, on the best days I have had 50% of all students present in the classroom.
Perhaps it sounds worse than it is, I have six students in the class plus an assistent.
So if someone gets sick or ill, it very quickly becomes sparse in the pews.

Then also my assistant became ill. When this happened I was glad that some of my students became ill, there is much to do when everyone is there at the same time.
I few days into the the week I to felt I was affected, not full smack lying in bed kind of way but a smaller way.
I felt that now you have to be aware of how I use my patience. It is so easy to become irritated of little things, which then takes so much space that one would think that the Earth is about to crack.

Many people, myself included, have such tight schedules that when we get a little sick it spoils many things planned, than you can not keep up or be postponed.
But I think the key is to pay attention to how the environment reacts to your behavior.
Naturally, I felt that my patience was about to burst, much earlier than I’m used to.
So, I made sure to prepare my students of how I now feelt the cold. So if I’m a little more irritable than usual they understood why, I told them much comes from my body is worn out and tired of the cold.

The students took it well and we have been able to get through an entire week.
The sad thing is that all the energy goes to sleep when I get home.

But on the contrary there is more fun to get to work, open the door and shout ”Hallo all hotties, nice to see you!” That kind of a comment always gives a good response.

Have a good day.

/ Patric

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