My child used to be so cute, and now I cannot understand it!

Kids are cute when they are small, and lie down , and so cosy and smiles at everything you say. There are many mothers who want to keep their children at this age.
Despite a mothers’ desire, children a strong tendency to grow and get bigger. It is difficult at times for a mother to see her child as a single individual who can stand on its own. A mother has such strong ties to their baby, so close that it becomes difficult to realize that the baby is actually growing.

One way to let their children grow up is to get another baby, this will give the mother a new baby to cuddle with. This will only work for a while. It works with all the older children, but the youngest must ”never” grow up (I myself am a youngest child). In addition, the youngest child to be cared for by all the older siblings, as they have been trained to take care of their younger sisters or brothers. As for myself I think that little children are cute and look so cuddly, but I want them to grow up so I can joke more with them. When they can talk, I think the fun starts.

Because these bonds are so strong, they blind part of reality. Mothers see a sweet little creature who need their food and contact, when this stage is passed, some mothers may feel a bit lost and leftout. The child’s attention turns outward, the child sees that there are other people to play with. The mother’s role as the only important for the child may then become difficult to release. It is quite common these mothers are very protective of their children, and there is both good and bad. The good is that the child always have an adult who cares for them, the child gets a lot of time from an adult, they may not see violent programs on television, and so on.
The bad is that they may look younger than their peers are, they become dependent on her mother to cope with their everyday lives. I think this might be a little mean to the child, I know it’s hard to see their children grow up and your role as a mother disappear.
But you can give your child your time without trying to maintain it as a little child. Eventually your child will acquire their own children, and if you have a good relationship with your child, you will most certainly get to spend lots of time with your grandchildren. And that is just not good but a lot better (according to Grandma’s testimony).

If you have trouble seeing how the baby grows, or even do not want it to grow, you need to look at why you want to keep the baby that small.
Then look carefully what kind of consequences it can provide give your child in the future. It can be a good investment to teach your child how to cope with all their chores, such as how to dress for themselves, how to behave at the dinner table, how to cook, how to wash clothes, how often to clean, how to set boundaries towards other people and so on.


Mothers have strong ties to their babies and they are so cute when they are so small, I totally agree. Treasure the time while you have it. This is a wonderful age mothers want their child to stay in. Mothers find it difficult to see their children grow up.
It’s ok, we will alwasy love you, remember your baby will soon get a degree or license.

Tip 1:

Measure and weigh the child often so that it becomes obviousyour child grows, it will make the understanding a bit easier then.

Tip 2:

Get another child. Only works for a while though.

Tip 3:

Dads! Support mothers in making sure that the child is growing and that there is so much fun with the childs all ages.

Tip 4:

Wait for the grandchildren and spoil them properly, it is your right as grandparents.


You may help me (might as well as you already is here)! Dad(me) 33 years

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