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  • My child used to be so cute, and now I cannot understand it!

    Kids are cute when they are small, and lie down , and so cosy and smiles at everything you say. There are many mothers who want to keep their children at this age. Despite a mothers’ desire, children a strong tendency to grow and get bigger. It is difficult at times for a mother to see […]

  • My child just wants more and more toys, what I am to do?

    Being given toys is a learned behavior, initially your children plays with the toys that you give them. Then (when they lose intereset in those toys) they start to use the things that you are using (that’s when you discover that your things get feet). Children learn through imitation. The children are looking for is personal […]

  • Can the relationship between parents affect the child?

    Yes it can, and very much so. Children are very intuitive and they can sense moods between parents. Whether parents say anything or not. Do you have such a relationship with your partner, children are most likely to have the same kind with their friends. If you have a relationship where you talk (ie, you […]

  • I don´t have anytime for my children, what I am to do?

    Whether you are single or have a family that is everyday life is often a race against time. And it’s usually a matter of priorities. Our society has built up an image (illusion) on how familys should spend their time. But it is you who has the power to decide how to allocate your family […]