Etikett: cooperation

  • Its really pouring down, its perfect.

    Does the earth turn. Going to work on my bike and it starts to rain, stop and put on my new waterproof trousers from Fjallraven (I’m so pleased with them). Coming to work and is ready to receive all of my students. Some are early and sit inside and play. The students I meet in […]

  • My child used to be so cute, and now I cannot understand it!

    Kids are cute when they are small, and lie down , and so cosy and smiles at everything you say. There are many mothers who want to keep their children at this age. Despite a mothers’ desire, children a strong tendency to grow and get bigger. It is difficult at times for a mother to see […]

  • ”Well drilled” children vs well behaved children.

    I had a difficult time finding the correct translation, so I try to translate as close as I can for you to understand what I am going for. ”Well drilled” children have been trained how to behave in certain situations. Well-behaved children are encouraged to behave to always behave in a good manner. Both methods work […]

  • My child just wants more and more toys, what I am to do?

    Being given toys is a learned behavior, initially your children plays with the toys that you give them. Then (when they lose intereset in those toys) they start to use the things that you are using (that’s when you discover that your things get feet). Children learn through imitation. The children are looking for is personal […]

  • New SuperMario game is about to…

    Well, it’s the kids who bought a game for themselves to play. I just sat beside them many times and just looked at how it looked when they played, from experience I know that I have a tendency to get stuck once I start to play. So I struggled the absolute longest time I could, […]