New SuperMario game is about to…

Well, it’s the kids who bought a game for themselves to play.
I just sat beside them many times and just looked at how it looked when they played, from experience I know that I have a tendency to get stuck once I start to play.
So I struggled the absolute longest time I could, in order not to start to play.

Completely content of myself I watched the interaction between them. The version of Super Mario they had purchased, was claiming that it is possible to play two people on the same path. And that in turn becomes much easier when players cooperate, it was in this that my interest reared.
I both saw and heard how they blamed each other for the first one than the other. It was at times quite angry words with the discord that results. As I stood on the side I thought it was easy to come up with good advice, both how it would play and how they would go about helping each other to achieve better results.

One day, they were so at odds that one child decided to go from there, a very wise choice I thought. It is better to leave than to stay and everything gets worse and worse. The same moment it opened an opportunity for me to really put my beliefs in motion, that is, to play together and help each other reach the end.
At first I was a pretty lousy companion, I died all the time.
But I quickly learned, partly because it was so boring to have to wait when the game loaded up the new guys all the time. So just for that reason it was necessary to keep my hubby alive.
Second, put it up the game too much.

My second observation was myself, how I emotionally got so  engaged in this game. So much that I sat with my children for several hours.
It was only when my stomach started to grumble that I tore myself from the game.

I was blown away by how good the structure they have built into the game. Just hard enough so that you constantly challenge yourself  to try again.
For my part, I discovered that it was much easier to get through the levels with two play than it was with a player. I was also able to show my kids how we work together to create different strategies to get through the courses, it was very instructive to be able to actively demonstrate how it works.

Long ago I heard that there were students who skipped school to stay home and play online games, after this experience, I understand that the school is quite dull.
But I have an idea, if students voluntarily goes online to achieve their interest to play. We (I speak as on representative) from schoool should find a way to acknowledge their thurst for activity and absorb this opportunity as it becomes larger and thus fill these children with valuable knowledge.

I have contacted Blizzard about an idea I had.
The idea is to build a separate market place, and tied into buying items you need to solve for example mathematical arithmatic. And if you do the value of your money will increase two fold or even threefold.
I await their reply, until then I will continue to play Super Mario with my children.

It has not yet gone so far that I play when they are away, have decided that I only play when they are at home and asks if I want to play with them. Otherwise the risk is that I get stuck there and loose track of time altogether.

Now it’s summer and there are few events that I have to attend, I will ensure that there is fruit for us all.

Then we’ll play.

Happy summer to you all.

/ Patric

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