We can play music on the cellphone, Patric said we could!

I heard a story long ago about a journalist who was to write an article about a dolphin trainer who got the dolphins to behave fantastic, and make a whole lot of tricks. The journalist would be involved from the beginning, ie with all-new dolphin who had never been trained to behave in public.
It began when the dolphins were released into the ”arena” where they swam around to get familiar with their new ”home”. And as soon as the dolphin made a ”trick” they got a fish. And so in continued, every time they did the same ”trick” the dolphin got the fish. The dolphins quickly learned what they need to do to get fish.

The next day began the same way, the dolphins were released into the ”arena”. They first started doing the same tricks as the day before, because they have learned to do so to get the fish.
BUT they got no fish!
They tried the same trick again, but no fish. They swam around and suddenly they made a new trick, then immediately got the fish. So every time they did this new trick, they got fish. But as long as they showed yesterday’s trick, they were no fish, just for the new trick.

The next day, the dolphins were released into the arena again. In the same way as before, they showed their latest trick, but got no fish.
The Dolphins tried again, but no fish.
They tried their tricks from the first day, but still no fish. It was only when they do a new trick that they got any fish, no fish for old tricks.
It was only new trick that gives the fish.

This scenario repeats itself in about 6-7 days.
On the seventh day, the dolphins came into the arena and it seems that they now understand how ”this man” (ie the trainer) works and showed up seven all-new tricks that have never been seen before.
The dolphins have learned what is expected of them and the encouragement given stimulates them to do even better.

Now it seems everything is as it should be, but in the evening the journalist sees the dolphin trainer enters the area where the dolphins are and give them fish.
Whereupon the journalist asks WHY, they did no trick!
The dolphin trainer respond that this fish given to the dolphins was only to bild a trust between us. The dolphins must understand that they can earn rewards sometimes without making a lot of new things. It should be enjoyable for them to do new tricks. If the dolphins only could get fish when they did a trick, their desire to try to do better and more tricks would vanish very quickly.

It is still summer holiday and this day one student was playing music on the cell phone, I saw the opportunity here to allow them something that is otherwise prohibited.
When I entered the room, the student turned to the phone to turn off the music. I hasten to say that it’s OK to play music on cell phone .
The student first sees a bit bewildered, but I assure that it is OK.
Happily running around the student and informs everyone that it is OK to play music on their cell phones. I realized pretty soon that I’ve had better ideas. Though when I saw all the happy faces, it was just fun.

So my students got a ”little fish”, and it increases our bonding, while also strengthening our relationship.

If you see the opportunity to give your child a ”little fish”, see if it works, and try it out.

Good luck.

/ Patric

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