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  • ”Well drilled” children vs well behaved children.

    I had a difficult time finding the correct translation, so I try to translate as close as I can for you to understand what I am going for. ”Well drilled” children have been trained how to behave in certain situations. Well-behaved children are encouraged to behave to always behave in a good manner. Both methods work […]

  • My child just wants more and more toys, what I am to do?

    Being given toys is a learned behavior, initially your children plays with the toys that you give them. Then (when they lose intereset in those toys) they start to use the things that you are using (that’s when you discover that your things get feet). Children learn through imitation. The children are looking for is personal […]

  • We can play music on the cellphone, Patric said we could!

    I heard a story long ago about a journalist who was to write an article about a dolphin trainer who got the dolphins to behave fantastic, and make a whole lot of tricks. The journalist would be involved from the beginning, ie with all-new dolphin who had never been trained to behave in public. It […]

  • Can the relationship between parents affect the child?

    Yes it can, and very much so. Children are very intuitive and they can sense moods between parents. Whether parents say anything or not. Do you have such a relationship with your partner, children are most likely to have the same kind with their friends. If you have a relationship where you talk (ie, you […]